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88.2. mcelog - Decode kernel machine check log on x86 machines

$ sudo apt-get install mcelog
Decode machine check ASCII output from kernel logs
--cpu CPU           Set CPU type CPU to decode (see below for valid types)
--cpumhz MHZ        Set CPU Mhz to decode time (output unreliable, not needed on new kernels)
--raw		     (with --ascii) Dump in raw ASCII format for machine processing
--daemon            Run in background waiting for events (needs newer kernel)
--ignorenodev       Exit silently when the device cannot be opened
--file filename     With --ascii read machine check log from filename instead of stdin
--syslog            Log decoded machine checks in syslog (default stdout or syslog for daemon)
--syslog-error	     Log decoded machine checks in syslog with error level
--no-syslog         Never log anything to syslog
--logfile filename  Append log output to logfile instead of stdout
--dmi               Use SMBIOS information to decode DIMMs (needs root)
--no-dmi            Don't use SMBIOS information
--dmi-verbose       Dump SMBIOS information (for debugging)
--filter            Inhibit known bogus events (default on)
--no-filter         Don't inhibit known broken events
--config-file filename Read config information from config file instead of /etc/mcelog/mcelog.conf
--foreground        Keep in foreground (for debugging)
--num-errors N      Only process N errors (for testing)
--pidfile file	     Write pid of daemon into file
--no-imc-log	     Disable extended iMC logging