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第 6 章 Repositories 仓库管理


6.1. initial setup
6.2. checkout
6.3. Creating and Commiting
6.4. Manager remote
6.5. Status
6.6. Diff
6.7. Cloning
6.8. Push
6.9. Pull
6.10. fetch
6.11. Creating a Patch
6.12. reset

6.1. initial setup

Tell git who you are:

$ git config user.name "FirstName LastName"
$ git config user.email "user@example.com"

If you have many git repositories under your current user, you can set this for all of them

$ git config --global user.name "FirstName LastName"
$ git config --global user.email "user@example.com"

If you want pretty colors, you can setup the following for branch, status, and diff commands:

$ git config --global color.branch "auto"
$ git config --global color.status "auto"
$ git config --global color.diff "auto"

Or, to turn all color options on (with git 1.5.5+), use:

$ git config --global color.ui "auto"
To enable aut-detection for number of threads to use (good for multi-CPU or multi-core computers) for packing repositories, use:

$ git config --global pack.threads "0"
To disable the rename detection limit (which is set "pretty low" according to Linus, "just to not cause problems for people who have less memory in their machines than kernel developers tend to have"), use:

$ git config --global   diff.renamelimit "0"