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34.2. patch branch

create a branch release_1_0_patch from release_1_0 by cvs admin

$ cvs rtag -b -r release_1_0 release_1_0_patch project_name
cvs rtag: Tagging project_name
cvs rtag: Tagging project_name/dir1
cvs rtag: Tagging project_name/dir2

checkout release_1_0_patch by other user

$ cvs checkout -r release_1_0_patch project_name
cvs checkout: Updating project_name
U project_name/file
cvs checkout: Updating project_name/dir1
U project_name/dir1/file1
cvs checkout: Updating project_name/dir2
U project_name/dir2/file1
U project_name/dir2/file2

show the status, and you can see 'Sticky Tag' is 'release_1_0_patch'

$ cvs st file
File: file              Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:    1.4
   Repository revision: 1.4     /home/cvsroot/project_name/file,v
   Commit Identifier:   V0iuptfP43iETPrt
   Sticky Tag:          release_1_0_patch (branch: 1.4.2)
   Sticky Date:         (none)
   Sticky Options:      (none)
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