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1.4. NFC 数据格式

1.4.1. NFC 标准



1.4.2. NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format)

Value    Protocol
-----    --------
0x00     No prepending is done ... the entire URI is contained in the URI Field
0x01     http://www.
0x02     https://www.
0x03     http://
0x04     https://
0x05     tel:
0x06     mailto:
0x07     ftp://anonymous:anonymous@
0x08     ftp://ftp.
0x09     ftps://
0x0A     sftp://
0x0B     smb://
0x0C     nfs://
0x0D     ftp://
0x0E     dav://
0x0F     news:
0x10     telnet://
0x11     imap:
0x12     rtsp://
0x13     urn:
0x14     pop:
0x15     sip:
0x16     sips:
0x17     tftp:
0x18     btspp://
0x19     btl2cap://
0x1A     btgoep://
0x1B     tcpobex://
0x1C     irdaobex://
0x1D     file://
0x1E     urn:epc:id:
0x1F     urn:epc:tag:
0x20     urn:epc:pat:
0x21     urn:epc:raw:
0x22     urn:epc:
0x23     urn:nfc: