Hello! I am neo, you also can call me 'netkiller'.

welcome to discuss any topic with me in English. such as huge cluster, system architecture and large web site solution


陈景峯 (ㄔㄣ ㄐ丨ㄥ ㄈㄥ)

Nickname:netkiller | English name: Neo chen | Nippon name: ちんけいほう (音訳) | Korean name: 천징봉 | Thailand name: ภูมิภาพภูเขา | Vietnam: Trần Cảnh Phong

Callsign: BG7NYT | QTH: ZONE CQ24 ITU44 ShenZhen, China

程序猿,攻城狮,挨踢民工, Full Stack Developer, UNIX like Evangelist, 业余无线电爱好者(呼号:BG7NYT),户外运动,山地骑行以及摄影爱好者。

《Netkiller 系列 手札》的作者