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第 9 章 区域/语言/时间


9.1. Ubuntu
9.1.1. time zone
9.1.2. to change system date/time NTP Server
9.1.3. Language
9.2. CentOS 区域设置
9.2.1. 时区设置 CentOS 6 查看当前时区 /etc/sysconfig/clock tzselect - select a timezone 时区设置 CentOS 7 修改时区并立即生效
9.2.2. 日期、时间 rdate - get the time via the network
9.2.3. 语言


9.1. Ubuntu

9.1.1. time zone


$ tzselect
Please identify a location so that time zone rules can be set correctly.
Please select a continent or ocean.
 1) Africa
 2) Americas
 3) Antarctica
 4) Arctic Ocean
 5) Asia
 6) Atlantic Ocean
 7) Australia
 8) Europe
 9) Indian Ocean
10) Pacific Ocean
11) none - I want to specify the time zone using the Posix TZ format.
netkiller@shenzhen:~$ tzconfig
Your current time zone is set to US/Eastern
Do you want to change that? [n]: y

Please enter the number of the geographic area in which you live:

        1) Africa                       7) Australia

        2) America                      8) Europe

        3) US time zones                9) Indian Ocean

        4) Canada time zones            10) Pacific Ocean

        5) Asia                         11) Use System V style time zones

        6) Atlantic Ocean               12) None of the above

Then you will be shown a list of cities which represent the time zone
in which they are located. You should choose a city in your time zone.

Number: 5

Aden Almaty Amman Anadyr Aqtau Aqtobe Ashgabat Ashkhabad Baghdad Bahrain
Baku Bangkok Beirut Bishkek Brunei Calcutta Choibalsan Chongqing Chungking
Colombo Dacca Damascus Dhaka Dili Dubai Dushanbe Gaza Harbin Hong_Kong
Hovd Irkutsk Istanbul Jakarta Jayapura Jerusalem Kabul Kamchatka Karachi
Kashgar Katmandu Krasnoyarsk Kuala_Lumpur Kuching Kuwait Macao Macau
Magadan Makassar Manila Muscat Nicosia Novosibirsk Omsk Oral Phnom_Penh
Pontianak Pyongyang Qatar Qyzylorda Rangoon Riyadh Riyadh87 Riyadh88
Riyadh89 Saigon Sakhalin Samarkand Seoul Shanghai Singapore Taipei
Tashkent Tbilisi Tehran Tel_Aviv Thimbu Thimphu Tokyo Ujung_Pandang
Ulaanbaatar Ulan_Bator Urumqi Vientiane Vladivostok Yakutsk Yekaterinburg

Please enter the name of one of these cities or zones
You just need to type enough letters to resolve ambiguities
Press Enter to view all of them again
Name: [] Harbin
Your default time zone is set to 'Asia/Harbin'.
Local time is now:      Tue Mar 11 10:46:46 CST 2008.
Universal Time is now:  Tue Mar 11 02:46:46 UTC 2008.



dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

9.1.2. to change system date/time


e.g. date -s month/day/year

# date -s 1/18/2008


e.g. date -s hour:minute:second

# date -s 11:12:00

writing CMOS

# clock -w NTP Server


ntpdate - client for setting system time from NTP servers

$ sudo ntpdate asia.pool.ntp.org
21 May 10:34:18 ntpdate[6687]: adjust time server offset 0.031079 sec		
$ sudo hwclock -w

9.1.3. Language


export LANG=en_US
export LC_ALL=en_US		


sudo vi /etc/default/locale



sudo apt-get install language-support-zh