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152.3. LilyPond


sudo apt-get install lilypond

152.3.1. Example PNG/PDF/PS

\version "2.14.2"
\relative c'' {
    \new Staff { \clef "treble" c4 }
    \new Staff { \clef "bass" c,,4 }
lilypond --png -o abc.png example.ly
lilypond --pdf -o abc example.ly Latex

    An easy song to learn on the piano is Mary Had a Little Lamb:\\
        \score { % start of musical score
            % beginning of musical staff. the \relative c' means that the
            % notes are an octave higher than the default (ie: notes are
            % notes are relative to middle c)
            \new Staff \relative c' {
                e4 d c d e e e2 d4 d d2 e4 g g2
                e4 d c d e e e e d d e d c1
            } % end of staff
        } % end of musical score
lilypond-book --format=latex --lily-output-dir=lilyfiles mary.lytex
latex mary.tex
pdflatex --shell-escape your.tex