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第 13 章 Cross references (参见项)


13.1. link 内部链接
13.2. ulink 外部链接
13.3. xreflabel / xref
13.4. footnote 脚注
13.5. lot — A list of the titles of formal objects (as tables or figures) in a document

13.1. link 内部链接

<link linkend="table">Table</link>
<link linkend="article-My-Article-sec"><quote>sec</quote></link>

<link linkend="font"><quote>font</quote></link>
<!DOCTYPE sect1 PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
	<title>Examples of <sgmltag>Link</sgmltag></title>

	In this sentence <link linkend='nextsect'>this</link> word is
	hot and points to the following section.
	There is also a link to the section called
	<quote><link linkend='nextsect' endterm="nextsect.title"/></quote>
	in this sentence.

	<sect2 id='nextsect'>
		<title id='nextsect.title'>A Subsection</title>
	This section only exists to be the target of a couple of links.